WORKSHOP was conducted in Rajshree Group of Institutions.

Category : Events | Sub Category : RIF Posted on August 11th, 2023

WORKSHOP was conducted in Rajshree Group of Institutions.

Workshop on “start-up and its importance” was organized under pre bootcamp series in Rajshree group of institutions, Bareilly on 9 Aug 2023 by RIF in association with Rohilkhand university. Around 95 students from various courses attended the workshop. 

The session started with the knowledge of incubator and how it can be helpful for converting an idea into a business. Students were taught about what an incubator really is and what its importance in the journey of start-up is. Details about RIF were shared. RIF is a not-for-profit center dedicated to nurturing innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship with its Board of Directors and Chairman. RIF is an incubation hub for all new innovative ideas and start-ups. RIF is committed to supporting and nurturing incubates, start-ups, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurship in their pursuit to become self-sufficient, sustainable, and impactful enterprises. 

After that, certain images were shown to the students to introspect life and personality. The images catered to the real life situations and problems faced by any individual and the assessment was sought from the students to enhance their problem solving skills and to promote the hidden leadership in students. Followed by introspection Importance of Start-ups was studied.  

Start-ups play a crucial role in driving economic development, technological progress, and societal change. Their impact extends beyond their immediate business success, making them an essential component of any thriving economy. Start-ups are necessary for driving progress, creating jobs, fostering innovation, and addressing critical challenges. They play a vital role in shaping the future and improving the overall well-being of societies. Being an entrepreneur offers numerous benefits and opportunities that make it an attractive career choice for many individuals.  

Entrepreneurship offers a unique blend of independence, creativity, financial potential, and personal growth opportunities. While it involves risks and uncertainties, the advantages can make it a compelling and empowering path for individuals with the passion and determination to pursue it. 

Many entrepreneurs find the journey to be highly rewarding and worthwhile. Successful entrepreneurs often learn from failures and use them as steppingstones to eventual success. Being aware of the challenges and risks can help aspiring entrepreneurs make informed decisions and develop strategies to mitigate potential downsides. Starting a start-up can be a challenging but rewarding journey.  

The session ended with motivating students to generate ideas that can be converted into sustainable businesses. Many students responded in affirmation and promised to come up with start-up ideas and RIF took the responsibility to scale them up into successful business.