Dr. Simran kahai


Dr. Simran Kahai is a Chandigarh, India native who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Punjab University at age 19 and moved to the US. Dr. Kahai attended Auburn University and graduated with a Master's degree and a Phd. in Economics. Dr. Kahai then joined Tuskegee University as an assistant Professor of Economics. During her time there, she was recognized with awards for outstanding teaching, outstanding research, and obtained numerous grants that helped internationalize the business school’s curriculum. Later, Dr. Kahai and her family moved to Ohio. After teaching in the Executive MBA Program at Kent State University, Dr. Kahai then joined the University of Akron as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics where she taught graduate level courses . Currently, Dr. Kahai is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at John Carroll University where she teaches in the Integrated MBA Program . Her teaching areas include Innovation, Forecasting and Planning, Global Issues in Economics and Business, Economics of Regulation, International Economics, and Managerial Economics. Her research has been published in top tier academic economics Journal s. She founded the “American Academy for Global Education” (AAGEDU) in 2009. AAGEDU is an academic consulting company that focuses on facilitating the creation of global business education, leadership, and management development programs. She has helped many universities in Asian countries develop new programs and conducted faculty development seminars. Dr. Simran Kahai is involved with many community organizations in the U.S. and abroad. As a talented jewelry designer, she travels to many Asian countries and helps artists find opportunities for their contributions to society. She is especially interested in discovering artisans in remote global regions and helping improve their position in life through programs that create human capital development, export opportunities, and entrepreneurship. As the VP of the Board of Directors for the International Services Center, she has helped refugees significantly through fundraising, hands-on training, and leadership programs.

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